NYC Preschool Application (UES & Tribeca)

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*4 Day & 5 Day AM spots are now full at the Upper East Side location. PM spots still available.

3 Day, 4 Day, & 5 Day options are still available at Tribeca.


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    Is your child potty-trained? *
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    I understand Playgarden Prep will take all necessary precautions to ensure the safety of my child and that the school cannot be responsible for any injury my child may incur while in attendance. *
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    I give permission for the staff of Playgarden Prep to administer first aid and/or CPR to my child. *
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    I give permission to the staff of Playgarden Prep to request medical assistance from the emergency section of the nearest hospital, if my child sustains an injury while in attendance at School, and I am unavailable or if the designated emergency contact person cannot be reached. *
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