Four Simple Tips For Making Homework Easier For Your Child

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Homework is a cornerstone of early learning programs around the world, and it will continue to be a major part of any child’s education until the day they graduate.  Homework is a habit that should be developed within early learning programs – but it’s also an excellent opportunity for parents to contribute to their child’s development as well.  It is even more important if you’re homeschooling young children instead of sending them to preschool.

So, we’ve got some tips to help you help your child make the most of homework time.

Four Ways To Make Homework Less Stressful for Children

1. Eliminate distractions

This is probably the #1 best way to help a child ‘switch gears’ mentally when it’s time to do their homework.  Establish a room, or a portion of a room, which is explicitly for schoolwork.  It should have no other potential distractions – no toys, TV, mobile devices, video games, non-school books, or other temptations to procrastinate.

(This is frankly good advice for anyone, at any age, who’s working at home…)

2. Ease them into homework time

If you simply take away a child’s video game and sit them down at a desk to work, they’re going to have a hard time getting invested.  Lead up to it.  After removing them from a distracting activity, take a few minutes to ask them about their schoolwork.  Talk to them about the homework they have to do.  Then when you sit them down at their desk, they’ll already be in a homework mindset.

3. Establish a routine

A child will have an easier time getting into the rhythm of homework if they do it at roughly the same time every day.  This will vary from child to child.  Some might do best if they tackle their homework immediately after school.  Others might need a break and should come back to it after dinner.  Do a little experimenting, but then pick a specific scheduled time and stick to it.

4. Provide healthy snacks

Unless your child is doing their homework immediately after dinner, they probably will need a small snack to keep their mental energy levels up – but be selective!  High-carb snacks, or sugary processed foods, will give them a short jittery burst of energy that may actually distract them.  Stick to fruits, veggies, or protein snacks like meat-and-cheese.

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