Great Ways for A Preschool Program to Celebrate Black History Month

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This February was Black History Month, and it’s a celebration that any preschool program should be part of. Our children should be taught to value diversity from an early age. It is vital to learn and understand how people of all backgrounds and colors have contributed to the society and world they’re growing up in. When teaching Black History to little ones it is important to focus on all of the positive changes and contributions from notable African American figures throughout history. If you’re looking for lesson ideas, we have some fun suggestions for integrating Black History Month into your own preschool curriculum;

1. Decorate the learning space

Change the theme of your learning space or classroom to reflect the Black History Month theme. An example would be to try putting up photos that depict important individuals and their contributions. Try to have a variety of achievements represented, as the emphasis is showcasing African American strides in every major field.

2. Incorporate music

Kids love music, and African American culture provides a rich selection to choose from. New songs and dances can be fun to teach- and also makes for a great movement activity! There’s also plenty of opportunity to cover topics such as the origins and rise of various music genres made popular by notable African Americans in our country.

3. Look for important African American leaders in your local history

Chances are there are some well-known Black leaders or influencers who were an important part of your local history, try to include these individuals in the curriculum as well. Children learn a lot from personal association, and this information provides a more direct connection between the past and the present.

4. Teach about important African civilizations

Cultures such as the Zulu or the Nubians don’t often get much mention in modern American history lessons. Children are never too young to be introduced to some of these influential cultures and their legacy. Learning through photos is always a wonderful tool to teach with!

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