Teaching Young Children the Value of Kindness

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Young children are often naturally cooperative with their parents, but when it comes to others, they may need some guidance when it comes to getting along well and being kind and compassionate. But don’t worry, that’s why you’re a parent, right? To teach your children how to eventually become good stewards of the world. There are some easy ways you can foster a sense of kindness and compassion early on.

At Playgarden Prep, our preschool programs are all about guiding young minds and molding young children through a successful first school experience, so we wanted to give you some tips here that can help get your child started on the right path to Kindness.

Here are Some Top Ways to Teach Kindness to Your Child

  • Teach them to Respect the Environment: Teaching your child early on that nature is important and should be respected is key. Teaching them to throw things away or pick up trash when they drop it is a great way to start.
  • Encouraging them to Help Out: One thing that’s so great about children at an early age is that they often mimic what their parents do, so show them helping out is important and lead by example. This can mean anything from helping out on projects in the neighborhood to helping your significant other in the kitchen.
  • Teach them to Share: Your child will likely have to learn about sharing once they’re in a preschool program, but before and after, you should place an emphasis on sharing. Tell them it’s one of the ways people show they care about one another and it’s something that continues throughout their life, no matter how old one gets.
  • Assign Your Child Tasks: Giving your child a sense of responsibility is also another way to help them learn about trust and contributing to your household, or community. It can be something as simple as helping you put the groceries away.

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