Tips for Applying to Kindergarten in NYC

Tips for Applying to Kindergarten in NYC - Playgarden NYC

If you have a little one turning 5 this calendar year, you can apply for kindergarten in NYC! Admissions are currently open and the application deadline is January 19th, 2024.

Although your little one will have a guaranteed seat in a public school in your school zone, there are many programs you may have interest in applying to, such as non-zoned schools or a different public school with a multilingual program. Most students attend their zoned school for kindergarten in NYC, and then families apply to other schools if they learn they want a different program. 

A lot of this information can get overwhelming so here are some helpful parenting tips to get you and your little one started when looking at kindergartens in NYC:

Factors to Consider

Location: Is the school easy to get to? What transportation, if any, do you need to get there? Are you able to get your little one to school before you go to work?    

Schedule: What after-school programs does your little one have interest in? Does the school offer early drop-off or late pick-up to families who need it? 

Admissions Priority: Know your little one’s admissions priority status. There are multiple types of priority:

  • Zoned: If you live within the school zone.
  • Sibling: If your student has a sibling that also attends the school
  • Pre-K Program: If your little one attended the Pre-K program at the school
  • District: If you live within the same district as the school (important when applying to non-zoned schools)
  • Diversity: Based on factors such as language used at home, family income, etc.

Gifted and Talented Programs: You can express interest in G&T when submitting your application for kindergarten in NYC. Learn more about G&T here.

Here are some more helpful links to start the application process, now that you’ve read up on all the parenting tips we have to offer:

Find your zoned school here: ​​ 

  • Apply or contact your school directly to enroll.

Apply for kindergarten in NYC here: 

For more information, specific questions, or to apply in person, visit the Family Welcome Center.

Best of luck and happy learning!

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