What to Look for In an Early Childhood Enrichment Center

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Your child’s preschool years are some of the most important developmental years in their lives – so you should foster them as best you can! The young brain is extremely receptive and ready to be shaped in the preschool years. Finding a great preschool or enrichment center can be an important key to unlocking your child’s full potential. Enriching first years in preschool can set the tone for future learning throughout school careers and into adult life. There are plenty of enrichment centers to choose from, but which is right for your child? Here are some key factors to look for;

1. A focus on hands on learning

Most young children learn best through tactile, hands on experiences. Therefore, it is important that curriculum allows for different learning experiencesby exposing them to a wide variety of teaching styles and activities. A good enrichment center will offer these experiences in the form of music, art, science, physical education, and social settings that foster an early love of learning.

2. Activities your child wants to participate in

A young child may shy away from forced participation, particularly in activities they aren’t interested in. Even at a young age, they’ll begin to develop preferences and interests- a good enrichment center will foster these. Great educators have the ability to adapt curriculum and learning to best suit the needs of their students, and a program unwilling to change or grow with your child, may not be accessing their full potential.

3. Outside recommendations

When choosing between enrichment centers, be sure to seek out parents and/or caregivers of children who have or currently do attend. Ask them about their personal experiences, and how the center realistically functions on a day-to-day basis. This is a great way to make sure the center’s self-promotion matches up to real life experiences.

4. Continued learning

Learning and enrichment shouldn’t be something that only happens at school! The best enrichment centers make families at home part of the learning process, and encourage home involvement in their child’s schooling. Look for centers that appreciate the home/school fluidity to maximize your child’s learning experience!

Playgarden Prep preschool and enrichment center has a long history of happy children, with proven outcomes!  If you’re interested in sending your child to preschool this coming fall, now is the time to learn more!